MorreRT cDNA synthesis kit


The MorreRT cDNA Synthesis Kit (+gDNA remove mix) is designed for the 1st strand cDNA synthesis with genomic DNA removal treatments.


The MorreRT Reverse Transcriptase is a new generation reverse transcriptase optimized from the M-MLV (RNase H-) Reverse Transcriptase. 


The half-life of MorreRT Reverse Transcriptase at 50℃ is > 240 min. Even at 55℃, the MorreRT Reverse Transcriptase can stay stable for a long time, which significantly benifits the transcription of RNA templates with complex secondary structures. In addition, the MorreRT Reverse Transcriptase has a improved template affinity and cDNA synthesis efficiency. It has a good resistance to most RT-PCR inhibitors and is suitable for long-fragment cDNA amplification (as long as 20 kb).


The residual genomic DNA in RNA template can be removed rapidly and completely after a treatment (42℃ for 2 min) with the 4× gDNA remove mix. The 10× MorreRT Mix contains an optimized buffer and dNTPs.


The MorreRT Reverse Transcriptase Mix contains the MorreRT Reverse Transcriptase and the RNase inhibitor. The Oligo-(dT)23 has a better affinity to Ploy A+ RNA than Oligo-(dT)18. In addition, random hexamers and gene-specific primers (GSP) are also optional.

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