MorreSYBR qPCR Master Mix


MorreSYBR qPCR Master Mix, protected by Taq DNA Polymerase via an antibody -modified hot-start activation technique, is specially designed for SYBR Green I based quantitative PCR (qPCR). 

Unique factors (i.e. the specificity-promoting Exactor™) in the optimized buffer system of MorreSYBR qPCR Master Mix significantly improve its sensitivity and specificity. 

This kit contains unique ROX Passive Reference Dye and is applicable for all Real-time PCR instruments, including instrument that needs no ROX dye, low ROX dye, or high ROX dye.


The mix is prepared at 2× reaction concentration and can be directly used for robust and low-template qPCR with high sensitivity, specificity, and reliability.

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